Sometimes I Wonder Who I Am

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Filmed in 1969, Sometimes I Wonder Who I Am was one of the first independent films of the fledgling Women’s Movement. For women brought up in the soap commercial optimism of the time, it articulated the fear which caught them unawares as they found themselves isolated in their homes, cleaning up after their children, and dreaming of the careers they might have had. This poignant brief portrait of a young mother helped to give voice to a generation of American women whose expectations, opportunities and career choices were extremely limited.

"The film is a poignant artistic reminder of what it was to be a woman in 1969. Though it only lasts about five minutes, it captures the essence of the female state.”

- Boston After Dark, 1970

This film was restored with a grant from the Women's Film Preservation Fund.  It will be available from New Day Films in February 2023